I know I am one week late but I just got in the mood after receiving a package of goodies from home yesterday from my beloved parents..
Last week itself I had just gone to the temple and visited some relatives for lunch. I even tied a saree to the temple but some how it just did not feel the same without all the murukus and Indian sweets.
It so happened that some one from Malaysia was coming to Auckland on Tuesday and my parents sent a package containing all the food I love through them and what was even better was the kept it a surprise from me. They contacted James and asked him to pick up the things from the people who came over as I was in Hamilton. James just told me I had a surpirse waiting at home but I had no clue what it could be. At last when I came back on Friday.....boy was I excited..I was so happy...
Thank you ma and pa for sending this...
Thanks James for picking it up..

All the stuff from home and the package of sweets James bought from one of the Indian shops here...Yummy!!!!
(I am going to be so fat after eating all this)

Today, James, Keeping and I had walked to the back of the house and suddenly realised we have a pretty blooming rose plant..I picture of that..

My 2 weeks of holidays are gone!!!Just like that..Won't say it was totally unproductive. I did go to Christhchurch and then had to get all my car stuff sorted out. Also tried to get some studying done. Very little however.

Have to go down to Waikato tomorrow for my General Medicine posting.It feels like so long since I have been in the hospital. Actually only 4 weeks including campus learning week but I guess GP and anaesthetics kinda counts as non-hospital postings alos... This is going to be a full on hospital run with 6 LONG case histories. Definitely not looking forward to that.
And going to have to leave my cosy home and stay in a hostel all over again.
Anyway I am sure it will be a good experience..

I don't think I will be blogging much until after exams as there will be no internet in Waikato and then when I am back home should be busy studying.
It was a good week of blogging. Will be looking forward to after exams to blog more with pictures too!!!

Yay!!!Got my car fixed and renewed the registration already. Everything is settled hopefully with no more problems arising in the future. Of course had to cough out money which I hoped to use for other better things (for myself perhaps!!like shopping) but instead had use it for the car. Oh well..the car is part of me also so never mind I guess..I feel the car is somewhat lighter and turns better..I am sure its just me consoling myself..Haha

Went to the library to kill time while waiting and tried studying but was not too successful. I seem to be taking ages just to read one thing nowadays. I really want my momentum back...if not I am going to cram everything in the last minute and that will be so awful and tiring!!!!

Oh oh I have a new found sinful dessert that I absolutely love now..I bribe myself to study knowing the fact I can eat it later..Its grapes, kiwis and sometimes apples with custard. I simply love eating custard just like that but with the fruits oh its so yummy!!!

Maybe I will have some tonite..Hehe

I seem to be blogging everyday now surpisingly as this is my break from studying..Hahaha

Today thankfully was a much better day than yesterday..Went hunting for place to fix my car and got a couple of quotes that were a bit more acceptable than the one I got in Honda yesterday. Picked the cheapest which was a place Bee Ling found for her car( thanks so much babe!!!owe you one) and decided to get everything done tomorrow. So tomorrow is going to be another day of getting up early again and sending my car and studying in the library while waiting..At least I will get some studying done I suppose instead of finding excuses to do everything else when I am home..Hopefully everything gets settled tomorrow.

I realised the more comforts you have in life the more you end up spending to keep up and maintain it..Like my car for example..But cant complain..It is so much easier having a car..I must be prepared to come out with the money to keep it in shape also..

Also managed to meet with Beth, another 4th year from here. We have been having a coffee sessions whenever time permits. She is a really nice girl and always so helpful. It was good meeting up with her. I have started to love coffee even more and now am in the phase of drinking caramel machiato.. :)

And OMG..the weather is absolutely awful now..It keeps raining every 20 minutes and it is so heavy like back home..Apparently the lightning and thunder is something new and does not happen much here in Auckland..And I thought I ran away from all that..
Where are those nice sunny days that Spring is supposed to have?
I hate the rain..it makes me feel so miserable...

Hope tomorrow is not this bad and I dont have more complains!!!!
Who would have thought this day would turn out so unexpectedly..
It was a nice sunny morning when I had to get out of bed to give my car for renewal of the registration and a service which was supposed to go without a hitch . I had planned on studying in the library while waiting for my car to be done. I thought I had it all nicely planned but instead...
Around mid day it started raining..just a few showers at first and then it started to get really heavy..Thank god Bee Ling, Kee Ping and James were nearby and they sent me to the service centre..
And then Honda tells me that I need to replace a few parts in my car for them to be able to reissue my registration and it cost a freaking bundle more than I expected.

Now tomorrow I need to go look for other car garages to get a cheaper quote and decide and fix everything by this week before my bloody registration expires and I go down to Waikato...........

Well its not that bad I suppose but I had my week so well planned out and this just ruins all my plans..

Hopefully everything gets settled fast and at a affordable rate..*Praying hard*
I am so good in finding excuses not to study now...
When its a sunny day all I want to do is stare out my window longing to be outside either in some garden laying on the grass or window shopping along Newmarket
When its a gloomy or rainy day all I want to do is snuggle up in my warm duvet and sleep...
So when is the time to study?
I guess soon enough I will start panicking about exams and forget about all these needs and just study....

On a happier note..went to the temple today after such a long time. Felt so contented after praying and also from all the good food I got. Another plus point to go to temple... :)
GP posting was an interesting experince. It was an eye opener to the setting of general practice in New Zealand which is so different from Malaysia.
After 2 weeks of urban Gp at Mt Roskill Medical Centre where James and I had a wonderful time thanks to all the doctors and staff there, we had to go about 4 hours north from Auckland to Kaikohe for our 2 weeks rural GP. It was really like some UK country side and we even stayed in a cottage on the farm.
I definitely gained lots by this rural posting in both thoery and clinical skills wise. The doctors and staff there were so friendly and encouraging that I got to try many new things. I even went to the Northland prison for half a day..but no nothing exciting happened there..Hahah thankfully i suppose.
Just some pictures....

The orange trees just outside the cottage

The small fireplace in the cottage

My room

So cute rite..It was a hot water bottle cover.

The living room of the cottage. The TV actually had Sky TV(cable TV) and we spent practically all our free time after coming back from the clinic just watching TV.. :)

Pig out session on Friday Night

Nachos at Kerikeri

James and me at the rugby match between Northland and Auckland. Decided to go for it as we were there in Kerikeri at that time and it was the highlight as this was the first game this year to be played there I think.

Just one picture from the rugby game. I did not really get the whole game but enjoyed the whole atmosphere. I still prefer soccer..

On the way to Paihia, Bay of Islands

Me at Paihia

The cows at the next door field. They always stare at us when we drive pass...

Our main Nurse Coordinator, Daryl. She was like an angel always helping us about.

Dr Robertson, the owner of the cottage we stayed at.

Dr Robinson, who was in charge of us.

The unique toilet at Kawa Kawa..

The entrance to the prison.
Some time ago(I have forgotten the date), when Mui How came up to Auckland, we went to Piha Beach on a nice sunny day. The sun was strong but the wind was even stronger unfortunately so we had to layer up. It was a beautiful day nevertheless and we had so much fun together. One trip that I will always remember..

The best picture..We all had our unique way of jumping that some how portrayed us.

Us with some of the food we packed..We had lots of food..

The 3 boys..We all agreed that they look like they are some survivors in the desert.

Bee Ling and I...

Of course I rarely caught or hit the volley ball..

Advertising the ball as a new hand phone. Just one of the many fun silly games we played..

Piggy-backing and racing..This was the start when it was all good. Later I had to piggy-back Mui How back and I could barely manage 5 steps despite him being just a few kilos more than me...

Resting..James's shadow also in the picture.. :)

The view from one of the small rock hill we climbed.

The view from the other side of the rock hill..

All our names connected somehow..

Us girls doing what we love doing!!

View from one of the look out spot while driving back..

I am just in the mood to put up all the pictures I have all of a sudden. So the next few posts are mainly just going to be pictures with few words.

It to celebrate the new template also.. :) I hope this one does not go bonkers like the last template.

Mui How and me at Lotus Heart. Its a vegetarian restaurant at the heart of Christchurch city. It has a very Indian theme but all the workers are locals dressed in Saris.. Very nice ambience and food was good too.

The Botanical Gardens..not my best jump.

On a bridge at the Avon River which goes around the whole city.

Sumner Beach..Brrr the wind was soo strong.

World Peace Bell at Botanical Gardens

Some pretty pink flowers outside Mui's house

More flowers at the Botanical Gradens..

And even more flowers at the Botanical Gardens.I know I took lots of pictures with flowers..but it is Spring after all. What is more beautiful than all the colourful bloomed flowers.

View of the Estuary and Sumner Beach from Aunty's house

The snow capped mountains ..

Clock Tower at Sumner Beach

At the Cathedral Square. I don't really know what was it there for..

The main church in Christchurch.

Christchurch Tram

Bridge of Remembrance.

Hello from Christchurch!!!!!
Blogging from Mui How's house. Its so nice and quiet here but cold too. Had a wonderful time staying with Mui How and my aunt here. And also James joined us after his trip.
Christchurch is a small town compared to Auckland. The whole town can be walked in just 1 hour i think. The view away from town is lovely especially the Sumner beach and snow capped mountains of the Kaikora range.
My god back to Auckland tomorrow ad have to start studying..:(

Some pictures from the trip.

Dinner at Korean House

Mui How cam-whoring at the Botanical Gardens. It took me ages to get a shot like that.

Cathedral Square