GP posting was an interesting experince. It was an eye opener to the setting of general practice in New Zealand which is so different from Malaysia.
After 2 weeks of urban Gp at Mt Roskill Medical Centre where James and I had a wonderful time thanks to all the doctors and staff there, we had to go about 4 hours north from Auckland to Kaikohe for our 2 weeks rural GP. It was really like some UK country side and we even stayed in a cottage on the farm.
I definitely gained lots by this rural posting in both thoery and clinical skills wise. The doctors and staff there were so friendly and encouraging that I got to try many new things. I even went to the Northland prison for half a day..but no nothing exciting happened there..Hahah thankfully i suppose.
Just some pictures....

The orange trees just outside the cottage

The small fireplace in the cottage

My room

So cute rite..It was a hot water bottle cover.

The living room of the cottage. The TV actually had Sky TV(cable TV) and we spent practically all our free time after coming back from the clinic just watching TV.. :)

Pig out session on Friday Night

Nachos at Kerikeri

James and me at the rugby match between Northland and Auckland. Decided to go for it as we were there in Kerikeri at that time and it was the highlight as this was the first game this year to be played there I think.

Just one picture from the rugby game. I did not really get the whole game but enjoyed the whole atmosphere. I still prefer soccer..

On the way to Paihia, Bay of Islands

Me at Paihia

The cows at the next door field. They always stare at us when we drive pass...

Our main Nurse Coordinator, Daryl. She was like an angel always helping us about.

Dr Robertson, the owner of the cottage we stayed at.

Dr Robinson, who was in charge of us.

The unique toilet at Kawa Kawa..

The entrance to the prison.


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