Today while talking to my parents, they gave me the news I have been dreading to hear all week..My dog Sammy passed away...
He was initially diagnosed with having chronic renal insufficiency when I was back in December but this condition was something that can be managed. Unfortunately he had to be the few that deteriorated quickly and he has been sick for the past 2 weeks plus. He was even admitted for drips and all for flushing out the toxins. But his red blood cell just kept dropping and the only maintenance treatment for that was a blood transfusion which is not routinely done in Malaysia especially for big dogs. My dog is extra fat some more compared to other Labradors.

Everyday my parents keep giving me updates but his condition was just getting worse and worse. My fear was that he would have to be put to sleep which would have been very hard for everyone. He passed away with minimal suffering at home on his blankie.

I know I will miss him soo much but he will remain in my heart forever. He is my first dog and my memories of him will be cherished always. I love you my baby boy !!!

Wishing everyone a Happy Chinese New Year and may this year bring lots of luck, joy and love for you all...

and also

Happy Valentine's day.. Hope love is all around for everyone!!
OMG now I know I really have started Year 5 already......

I just had my first day of Specialty Surgery and I am starting off with 2 weeks of Ophthalmology followed by one week of Urology and another week of ORL (Ear, Nose and Throat). I feel it is a jam packed run because how are we supposed to learn anything in just one week. I am already overwhelmed by the amount of things we need to know in Ophthalmo.. Man this is going to be one crazeee year!!!!!

Ophthalmo is kinda interesting to some extent for me..The fact that I did not sleep despite having lack of sleep shows for sure..I don't mind the whole concept of it as the anatomy and pathology is confined to the eye only but once we have to do the examination using an ophthalmoscope or even worse the slit lamp...just kill me.... I don't understand how they can actually see so much from just that small hole in the ophthalmoscope.. I have to get the hang of it by this Friday as we have to draw each other's optic disc and vessels and stuff..The worse part..Can't even fake it because the examiners will double check it....*sweat*

Oh is going to be an interesting 2 weeks I hope.. I have to get back to my silly GP assignment..I know I should have done finished it during the weekend but I did improve from last year as I typed something at least during the weekend...But long way to go still.....

One change i finally did over the weekend was the download Google Chrome as my browser instead of IE. I got so sick of IE as have the time the page won't load or the page cannot open. So annoying... I love Google Chrome now!! Yay!!! *thanks for telling me about it* :)

OO and sorry for the change in font size and colour..I realized the font was kinda small and the colour was too pale. I shall remember to standardize..

Today was a day in the kitchen for me but I surprisingly enjoyed it. Before coming I learnt how to make this Indian desserts called 'payasam' from my grandfather. So today I thought will be a good day to try it out...

The end result was not too bad I guess but way thicker than the original. The process took like one hour and I just pulled my high stool in front of the stove and sat there stirring and stirring. The taste was there but it was just too thick. Better luck next time I guess. But I am glad I tried it out and my housemates liked it I hope!!!

It was a day filled with Indian cooking as dinner was Sambar or Dhal as it is commonly known. I made so much but luckily I have someone to eat it all !! ;)

I am actually starting to like cooking a bit more but I dunno if its just a phase. But I know its something I can't do day in and out. I should take advantage and cook more now I guess..Haha
The weekend is nearly gone and this week reality kicks in!!! I already started classes last week but since it was just lectures I could still zone out from time to time.. This week its back to hospitals. Well not quite yet as my first run is General Practice but its just as bad. One good thing is since we have quite a few other things on next week, I only have to go to the clinic for 5 days. Woohoo!!!

On Saturday, James. Mui How, Bee Ling, Kee Ping and me went to Sylvia Park. We just walked around and watched Avater 3d. Well for some of us it was a second time but this is one movie that was definitely worth to watch again. I must say the 3D version was really good. The movie was some how enhanced and brought to life by wearing those ugly looking glasses. And surprisingly the effects were just right. I was worried it might be too much and I'll end up having a headache later on. I loved the movie even more this time around. :)

Guess wat?? I went a bought a 1 TERA external hard drive. I finally came to the realisation I will never be able to back everything up with my current 250GB external. I first though I could just burn my shows into dvds but god knows how many I would need. This way I can just back everything up in my external and worry about sorting it out later which I just must must do!!!Mui How can now install Windows & for me and *fingers crossed*, its not soo laggy anymore.. Thanks Mui!!!

I am blogging from James's room while the boys are playing Dota at the table..Hahaha..I keep hearing..'I'll take care of it' and of course some not so sugar coated words when they are not winning..Haha..Boys and games and their gadgets!!!!
Happy Birthday Mui How!!!!!!!
Hope you have a great year ahead and all the best for everything you do. May all your dreams and wishes come true.. :)
Have a great boring day at home kay :) Love ya..Mwah!!!!

OMG I am so so so happy I finally got to talk to Lingwei. A normal chat on msn some how turned into a phone call that lasted hours. short I would say considering we had so much to talk about...I have missed you so so much...Hope to talk again soon..Love you so much darling.. :)
Thank you for making this trip special..Love you both.. :)

I am back in Auckland after a wonderful one month break that I had back home..Only complaint was it was way too short. I got to spend time with my family, relatives and friends but no matter how long it is it will never be enough..
Holidays was the same as usual with lots of eating, shopping ( I love MNG and thankfully its on sale whenever I go back :) ), and of course watching movies. I would have loved to watch more and am happy that I watched Avatar and 3 idiots the Hindi movie which was simply fantastic. I loved the movie to bits and couldn't stop laughing even after the movie..

I also didn't do many things I wanted to do like organize my laptop..Wasted time doing other things instead and now am suffering with an almost full laptop and external hard drive and a slow laptop..Must do something about it before classes begin or not I am surely going to suffer..Everything is every where..As much as I love clearing my room and the kitchen which I am obssessed about keeping neat..when it comes to my laptop..the last thing I want to do is arrange the files ..But i guess I should start soon if not it will just pile up..If only I can get some one to do it for me..*hint hint* :)

Classes have begun and its back to the usual routine..Get up, pack a miserable lunch ( only cause I am too lazy to cook a good definitely my fault ) , try to listen and understand the lectures being given, come home, cook dinner, chat and off to bed.. It is kind of relaxed now but once runs start its going to be so hectic..not to mention this is my last academic year and my final exams are at the end of this year and we have a couple of the hardest runs..See whats in store for the year..can't blame me for not looking forward to this year aye!!! But anything is possible..I just have plan properly and take one step at a time and I believe it will be fine.. Never give up without even trying..

The weather here is very pleasant now..I think one of the best times but its too hot in the house..Outside is nice and windy but in the house its just hot and my bathroom is like a freaking sauna..Am actually thinking of getting a fan for my bathroom but come winter I know I will regret it and want a heater instead..Brr am not looking forward to winter..

I finally went to One Tree Hill that day..Its a big park with lots of walking trails and animals and a monument called the Obelisk on a small hill. I can see it from my window but had not been there before..silly rite.. I had some nuts from last year which I completely forgot about and it didn't taste too good when I ate it so instead if throwing it away I thought I shall feed the birds. I think their stomach would be able to handle the nuts even if its expired I hope..Well I will know if suddenly dead birds turn up in the park..Oopsie.. So James wanted to run there and Kee Ping agreed to but I knew I would never be able to run at their pace..and Mui How of course wanted the easy way also so both of us ended up driving there and fed the birds while waiting for James and Kee Ping.. Then we all drove up to the Obelisk. The view from there is quite nice. I just realised how populated Auckland is as every corner I turned, there were rows and rows of houses or some building or rather.. I must remember to take my camera the next time.. and maybe even try walking..hehe..

I should get off to bed if not its unlikely I will be up during lectures..haha..But feeling guitly as I just ate a whole bar of Kit Kat despite eating a proper dinner..Cant keep this going or I will come back as a ball in March.

Nitey nitess!!!
Just barely 24 hours into the new year I had a very enlightening chatting session that made me think about alot of things...( Yes its all because of you!!! But thanks for everything) :)

When I look back at last year, I feel unhappy about the small things that kept affecting me. This year, I dont want all those to happen again and just hope to achieve better control of my situation. I hope to get a balance in everything hoping that it will be a good bright year ahead...I believe its possible..Yay!!!!
2010 is here!!!!!! Happy New Year to all.... :)

Hope this year bring lots of luck, happiness, love to all and may all your dreams and wishes come true.
And yesterday was also the first birthday of my blog. I know I have not been an avid blogger and neither shall I make resolutions that I cant keep so I decided i shall blog when I can and feel like.

2009 was a crazy here full of new experiences for me..some good and some not so good. I hope to learn from my mistakes and make this year a wonderful one.
I also would like to thank everyone who has been there for me last year and made it a bearable year. From family to friends, could not have done it without you guys..Thank you so much..

Happy New Year once again and hope this new year brings smiles and a new beginning with a new outlook to everyone!!! :)