The weekend is nearly gone and this week reality kicks in!!! I already started classes last week but since it was just lectures I could still zone out from time to time.. This week its back to hospitals. Well not quite yet as my first run is General Practice but its just as bad. One good thing is since we have quite a few other things on next week, I only have to go to the clinic for 5 days. Woohoo!!!

On Saturday, James. Mui How, Bee Ling, Kee Ping and me went to Sylvia Park. We just walked around and watched Avater 3d. Well for some of us it was a second time but this is one movie that was definitely worth to watch again. I must say the 3D version was really good. The movie was some how enhanced and brought to life by wearing those ugly looking glasses. And surprisingly the effects were just right. I was worried it might be too much and I'll end up having a headache later on. I loved the movie even more this time around. :)

Guess wat?? I went a bought a 1 TERA external hard drive. I finally came to the realisation I will never be able to back everything up with my current 250GB external. I first though I could just burn my shows into dvds but god knows how many I would need. This way I can just back everything up in my external and worry about sorting it out later which I just must must do!!!Mui How can now install Windows & for me and *fingers crossed*, its not soo laggy anymore.. Thanks Mui!!!

I am blogging from James's room while the boys are playing Dota at the table..Hahaha..I keep hearing..'I'll take care of it' and of course some not so sugar coated words when they are not winning..Haha..Boys and games and their gadgets!!!!


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