Today was a day in the kitchen for me but I surprisingly enjoyed it. Before coming I learnt how to make this Indian desserts called 'payasam' from my grandfather. So today I thought will be a good day to try it out...

The end result was not too bad I guess but way thicker than the original. The process took like one hour and I just pulled my high stool in front of the stove and sat there stirring and stirring. The taste was there but it was just too thick. Better luck next time I guess. But I am glad I tried it out and my housemates liked it I hope!!!

It was a day filled with Indian cooking as dinner was Sambar or Dhal as it is commonly known. I made so much but luckily I have someone to eat it all !! ;)

I am actually starting to like cooking a bit more but I dunno if its just a phase. But I know its something I can't do day in and out. I should take advantage and cook more now I guess..Haha


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