I seem to be blogging everyday now surpisingly as this is my break from studying..Hahaha

Today thankfully was a much better day than yesterday..Went hunting for place to fix my car and got a couple of quotes that were a bit more acceptable than the one I got in Honda yesterday. Picked the cheapest which was a place Bee Ling found for her car( thanks so much babe!!!owe you one) and decided to get everything done tomorrow. So tomorrow is going to be another day of getting up early again and sending my car and studying in the library while waiting..At least I will get some studying done I suppose instead of finding excuses to do everything else when I am home..Hopefully everything gets settled tomorrow.

I realised the more comforts you have in life the more you end up spending to keep up and maintain it..Like my car for example..But cant complain..It is so much easier having a car..I must be prepared to come out with the money to keep it in shape also..

Also managed to meet with Beth, another 4th year from here. We have been having a coffee sessions whenever time permits. She is a really nice girl and always so helpful. It was good meeting up with her. I have started to love coffee even more and now am in the phase of drinking caramel machiato.. :)

And OMG..the weather is absolutely awful now..It keeps raining every 20 minutes and it is so heavy like back home..Apparently the lightning and thunder is something new and does not happen much here in Auckland..And I thought I ran away from all that..
Where are those nice sunny days that Spring is supposed to have?
I hate the rain..it makes me feel so miserable...

Hope tomorrow is not this bad and I dont have more complains!!!!


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