Who would have thought this day would turn out so unexpectedly..
It was a nice sunny morning when I had to get out of bed to give my car for renewal of the registration and a service which was supposed to go without a hitch . I had planned on studying in the library while waiting for my car to be done. I thought I had it all nicely planned but instead...
Around mid day it started raining..just a few showers at first and then it started to get really heavy..Thank god Bee Ling, Kee Ping and James were nearby and they sent me to the service centre..
And then Honda tells me that I need to replace a few parts in my car for them to be able to reissue my registration and it cost a freaking bundle more than I expected.

Now tomorrow I need to go look for other car garages to get a cheaper quote and decide and fix everything by this week before my bloody registration expires and I go down to Waikato...........

Well its not that bad I suppose but I had my week so well planned out and this just ruins all my plans..

Hopefully everything gets settled fast and at a affordable rate..*Praying hard*


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