Some time ago(I have forgotten the date), when Mui How came up to Auckland, we went to Piha Beach on a nice sunny day. The sun was strong but the wind was even stronger unfortunately so we had to layer up. It was a beautiful day nevertheless and we had so much fun together. One trip that I will always remember..

The best picture..We all had our unique way of jumping that some how portrayed us.

Us with some of the food we packed..We had lots of food..

The 3 boys..We all agreed that they look like they are some survivors in the desert.

Bee Ling and I...

Of course I rarely caught or hit the volley ball..

Advertising the ball as a new hand phone. Just one of the many fun silly games we played..

Piggy-backing and racing..This was the start when it was all good. Later I had to piggy-back Mui How back and I could barely manage 5 steps despite him being just a few kilos more than me...

Resting..James's shadow also in the picture.. :)

The view from one of the small rock hill we climbed.

The view from the other side of the rock hill..

All our names connected somehow..

Us girls doing what we love doing!!

View from one of the look out spot while driving back..


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