I am just in the mood to put up all the pictures I have all of a sudden. So the next few posts are mainly just going to be pictures with few words.

It to celebrate the new template also.. :) I hope this one does not go bonkers like the last template.

Mui How and me at Lotus Heart. Its a vegetarian restaurant at the heart of Christchurch city. It has a very Indian theme but all the workers are locals dressed in Saris.. Very nice ambience and food was good too.

The Botanical Gardens..not my best jump.

On a bridge at the Avon River which goes around the whole city.

Sumner Beach..Brrr the wind was soo strong.

World Peace Bell at Botanical Gardens

Some pretty pink flowers outside Mui's house

More flowers at the Botanical Gradens..

And even more flowers at the Botanical Gardens.I know I took lots of pictures with flowers..but it is Spring after all. What is more beautiful than all the colourful bloomed flowers.

View of the Estuary and Sumner Beach from Aunty's house

The snow capped mountains ..

Clock Tower at Sumner Beach

At the Cathedral Square. I don't really know what was it there for..

The main church in Christchurch.

Christchurch Tram

Bridge of Remembrance.


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