Yay!!!Got my car fixed and renewed the registration already. Everything is settled hopefully with no more problems arising in the future. Of course had to cough out money which I hoped to use for other better things (for myself perhaps!!like shopping) but instead had use it for the car. Oh well..the car is part of me also so never mind I guess..I feel the car is somewhat lighter and turns better..I am sure its just me consoling myself..Haha

Went to the library to kill time while waiting and tried studying but was not too successful. I seem to be taking ages just to read one thing nowadays. I really want my momentum back...if not I am going to cram everything in the last minute and that will be so awful and tiring!!!!

Oh oh I have a new found sinful dessert that I absolutely love now..I bribe myself to study knowing the fact I can eat it later..Its grapes, kiwis and sometimes apples with custard. I simply love eating custard just like that but with the fruits oh its so yummy!!!

Maybe I will have some tonite..Hehe


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