My 2 weeks of holidays are gone!!!Just like that..Won't say it was totally unproductive. I did go to Christhchurch and then had to get all my car stuff sorted out. Also tried to get some studying done. Very little however.

Have to go down to Waikato tomorrow for my General Medicine posting.It feels like so long since I have been in the hospital. Actually only 4 weeks including campus learning week but I guess GP and anaesthetics kinda counts as non-hospital postings alos... This is going to be a full on hospital run with 6 LONG case histories. Definitely not looking forward to that.
And going to have to leave my cosy home and stay in a hostel all over again.
Anyway I am sure it will be a good experience..

I don't think I will be blogging much until after exams as there will be no internet in Waikato and then when I am back home should be busy studying.
It was a good week of blogging. Will be looking forward to after exams to blog more with pictures too!!!



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