I know I am one week late but I just got in the mood after receiving a package of goodies from home yesterday from my beloved parents..
Last week itself I had just gone to the temple and visited some relatives for lunch. I even tied a saree to the temple but some how it just did not feel the same without all the murukus and Indian sweets.
It so happened that some one from Malaysia was coming to Auckland on Tuesday and my parents sent a package containing all the food I love through them and what was even better was the kept it a surprise from me. They contacted James and asked him to pick up the things from the people who came over as I was in Hamilton. James just told me I had a surpirse waiting at home but I had no clue what it could be. At last when I came back on Friday.....boy was I excited..I was so happy...
Thank you ma and pa for sending this...
Thanks James for picking it up..

All the stuff from home and the package of sweets James bought from one of the Indian shops here...Yummy!!!!
(I am going to be so fat after eating all this)

Today, James, Keeping and I had walked to the back of the house and suddenly realised we have a pretty blooming rose plant..I picture of that..


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