Its been exactly a week since I left home. So far everything has been good. The place is really nice and quiet. Ideal for studying. Weather is pleasant though it can get chilly when the wind blows. I was staying with my mum in the hotel until she left on Sunday and then moved into Grafton Hall ( my hostel). The hostel on the other hand is well.....the place is neat, tidy and very well kept but the room is really small. Well to me at least since I have always stayed at home. Don’t think my room at home is huge but definitely bigger than this. And the shower...aiyhh. Need to get used to having to take all my stuff and go to the bathroom first then the shower. The shower head is crazy some more. Just need to adjust in.. Have been walking around a lot and a lot.. Would never walk like this back in Malaysia since I have a car. Hahaha.

Started orientation today. More of a induction organised by the lecturers and staff of Auckland Uni to familiarise us with this place. They are all so sweet and welcoming to us. We have about 7 posting (they call it run here) with 6 weeks of lectures spread out for the whole year. My rotation starts off with General Surgery after 2 weeks of lecture followed by Psychiatry, E Med, Lectures, VACATION, Locomotor, General Practice, Anaesthetics,VACATION, Lectures and finally General Medicine. We are posted to 4 different hospitals around Auckland with the nearest being about 10 mins walk from where i stay and the farthest Waikato about 1 hour 30 mins away. But they provide you with accomodation and we have to stay there during the week. The seniors said the room is nice and big. Yay!!!But i got Waikato for General Med which is supposed to be the toughest and some more its my last rotation.. Well everything can’t be perfect rite. But thankfully Kee Ping and I have the same time table just a few different venues. Glad that I have somebody.

I am really looking forward to attending their lectures and going for rotations. It all sounds very exciting but I am sure once I start it will be hard work. But I always believe if u are looking forward to something, no matter how hard it , u will always be optimistic and keep a positive outlook.
Going to finish the post with some pictures from before leaving to the send off in the airport and finally Auckland itself.

The state of room before packing!!! It like a tornado hit my room..haha
After everything was packed. So neat rite!!!!

Mui How and I flew together. The first few to come for the send off.

My relatives. Few are missing from the picture..

My family!!! :)




David Lee..

De Jun..

Erin.. She was promoting Aussie with her T-shirt!!!


The four of us againg. But this time sending me off. We sent Tze Meng off in 2006 i think..
Thanks so much everyone for coming to send me off!!Meant a lot to me. Am missing you all loads. Love u guys..Mwah!!

View from the Sky Tower at 220 m high.

View of Queen Street from my hotel balcony. Queen Street is one of the main streets here.

Monday, 26 January 2009 was Auckland Anniversary Day. The seniors took us to the Harbour to watch the sails. Auckland is also known as the City of the Sails.

This was the biggest Navy ship i think.It actually sailed off.

With Emily and Sharon

"Hottest Hunk"!!???!!

The dining hall.

My tiny room. Just one cupboard to keep my clothes. Can u imagine!!?? with all my things some more..hahaha. But am managing so far.. Lets see how bad it gets when the fedex arrives.


Mike said...

Hi there and welcome to Auckland, really enjoyed reading your post. I also had gone to the harbour for the Auckland Anniversay but was pretty disappointed as it was nothing compared to last year. I think thats due to the seafood festival being on at the same time which is not much good if you don;t lik seafood that much. Anyway all the best, take care

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