Yesterday afternoon, after contemplating on going to many places we finally decided to go to Mission Bay which is about 20 minutes drive away. Some of us wanted to take a taxi while some others preferred to take the bus. So the 8 of us who wanted to take a taxi got 2 taxis and left first. I am still amazed how such a nice place can be so near a city. The view is simply beautiful with only the blue of the ocean stretching for miles and miles with bits green from the islands. I just love going to the beach. All the excitement from the people there and the sea breeze coupled with the sound of the waves is lovely. There were so many people there just relaxing, playing, cycling and eating ice cream..Yummyy. I have yet to try the supposedly delicious ice cream there. And there were so many people walking their dogs. My 3 dogs would have fit right in since the dogs here are also kinda chubby. They would have loved it. Miss my doggies...sob sob. Next time I would love to live in a city near the sea. Not just any but one that is clean. Hahaha.

Anyway upon reaching, we found a free spot and played a bit of Captain Ball. Somehow all of us had it in our head that we wanted to go cycling. So we started hunting around for place that has bikes for hire. And hunted did we, as we ended up walking for about 40 minutes or even more maybe to hire a bicycle. We got 6 single cycles and one tandem and cycled back to where we were and met up the rest. I really enjoyed cycling along the coast. It was a bit of a challenge manoeuvring the cycle at first as there were many people walking on the path also plus there were no handbrakes..To stop you had to cycle the pedal backwards. After an hour we returned the bikes and went back in time for dinner to Grafton Hall. I had a really nice time. I am also getting to know my other batch mates better and am glad for that as they are nice people.

The Auckland Domain. The park opposite my hostel and faculty. Not related to the post ya.

The flowers were so pretty..
At Mission Bay

Hooi Ling, Me, Sharon, James, Emily, Jade and Kee Ping

Me, Bee Ling and James

Me with the helmet ready to cycle!!!

The bicycle was so cute. It reminded me of something Mary Poppins would ride.

All of us!!


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