I haven’t blogged in nearly two weeks. I know for a freshie blogger that is bad but have been pretty busy with classes. Just briefly what I have been up to..

Okay 2 weekends ago, the Waitangi weekend, I went to stay over at my distant relative’s place. They are really nice people and had some great home cooked food. Thought I will never say this but I actually miss tosai, idly and sambar lots. They wanted to take me to this beach up north but due to the traffic we had to turn back and went to the Auckland Luge instead. Its something like the one in Sentosa Singapore but the view is all nice green hills and blue skies. I obviously could not take any picture since I was too busy driving that thing and trying to race with their 10 year old son. Haha. Still a kid sometimes!!

The next day we went ice skating at this indoor rink which was something like Sunway Pyramid just without the crowd watching. The atmosphere was really cool as it was dim and nice songs were being played. I have skated twice before in Pyramid but am still not very stable so I just skated at the side. After a few times, I think I got too confident and went a bit too fast and whoosh....ended up on my bum. The most embarrassing part was I could not get up as the ice was so slippery and the side did not have any support. Luckily someone was near and helped me up. Haiyhh. I was pretty sore for the next couple of days.

I ate Nando’s for dinner that night and guess what...they have like 5 vegetarian options. The burger was good. We went to Mission Bay after that to get ice cream from Farrell’s. It was nice but I am still love Baskin Robbins. The sea was really calm and with the moon reflected off its surface plus with Rangitoto Island in the background...ahhhhh... (am running out of words to describe nice scenery).
Some pictures from that weekend...

The escalator taking us up the hill..
Me coming down..

The picture is not very clear but the scenary there with the houses was beautiful. Took this picture from the car.

Ice skating rink. Lingwei, you would have loved it.

The moon light with Rangitoto at the back.


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