Since 2008 was a truly memorable year for me I would like to blog about some events that I am sure to cherish.

  • The very first time i drew blood. Mui How and I were doing our GP Posting at Klinik Kucai and suddenly the doctor asked us if we would like to learn how to draw blood. The doctors asked us to try on each other and after doing it once under their orservation we were asked to try by ourselves. After two unsuccessful attempts, I finally managed to draw a minute amount. I definitely know I need lots more practice as it wasn't a smooth and painless procedure as it should have been.

Mui How pretending to scream in pain..

( though i think it was really painful..)

  • My Bangkok Trip!!!! One word to sum up this trip........SHOPPING!!!!!!! This was the main agenda with sight seeing just to fill in the gaps. My cousin said i was like an ant in a candy jar. Hahaha. But I did enjoy the temples and elephant ride in Ayuthia. The ride made me feel like a princess as the cars actually stopped to let the elephant we were on pass. I definitely will visit Bangkok again and this time equipped with more cash and extra bags. :)

Yoges and I at the reclining Buddha statue

Dad standing near the sleeping Buddha statue at Ayuthia

Our favourite shopping mall!!!

  • Go Green Campaign!!! The SRC organized this campaign to increase environmental awareness. From getting the abandoned tree to cutting endless amount of paper leaves plus the Amazing Race Go Green Style, it was definitely worth the effort put in. The t-shirts were a huge success as well. This was the last event the SRC had organized. Love you guys!!!

    Me, Lingwei and Fiona.

    Pretty Avinder

David holding Min's green tie

Aditya also not wearing anything green...

Kajen, Sheah Lin, me and James

The SRC family potrait.

  • Flash cards and study buddy!!! MSK got a lot of us studying using the Netter’s flash card. I some how started revising the flash cards with Mui How and we ended up studying together after that. The late night studying session at Mc Donald’s with James and him forcing me to eat to stay awake was torture then but something I will remember.

  • IMU Ball, Sensational Symphony!!! My first and only ball I attended while in IMU. Getting there was quite a journey by itself with having to walk through the mall and in the rain wearing my dress!!! The night went well and I had a great time with my friends.

    My 2 closest girl friends in IMU..Love u gurlies..Thanks for always being there

    SRC doing the tak tentu arah pose.

Me, Fi, Caryn and Lingwei fooling around!!!

  • PMS Results!!! Something that caused a lot of drama but ended well. I didn’t realize then that my choice will bring about many changes in my life later in totally unexpected ways. Well the future is always a mystery…

  • My 21st Birthday!!!!! I celebrated it many times with different people but I will definitely hold each celebration dear. Thanks everyone for making this a memorable 21st birthday..

Celebrated it with Fel first...

With my bestie, Felicity. Missed you lots Dhash..

Fel pretending to drink..

Cam-whoring in the car as usual!!

With the SRC after that..

On the cake was written, Happy Birthday Auckland Babe!!!

The guys posing!!

Avinder and Harnesh

I love this pic!!!

And then my closest group of friends in IMU threw me a surprise party at Delicious!!

Surprised me at the IMU car park.

Opening my prezzie!!!

A book with all our pictures!!I will treasure this forever.

Thanks for everthing!!

And lastly celebrated it with my family

  • M106 Farewell Party!!
    It was quite a sad feeling as this was probably the last time I would see many of my M106 batch mates. M106 ROCKS!!! I wish everyone the best and may all your dreams come true..

  • Europe Trip!!! This trip was just awesome. There were soo many things I loved about Europe that I don’t know where to start or end. 3 weeks is definitely not enough so I am sure to go back in the future.
Stone Henge

London Eye at the back

Bums and balls!!!Hehehe

Louvre in Paris.


With Aunty Jannet in front of Notre Dame Cathedral.

The stained glass inside

The Arc De Triomphe

Eiffel Tower

View at night

Calvin and I at Disney Land Paris

Jack Sparrow!!!

Getting shot by some Commander!!

Sacred Heart Cathedral

Clogs Factory in Amsterdam

The famous Dutch windmills

Yummy Belgian waffles..

Behind the Leonidas chocolate shop..Delicious..

The fairy tale town, Bruges in Belgium. It was so pretty.

London Bridge

Old Trafford!!Go Red Devils!!

The muscular silver man at Covent Garden!!

  • Medical attachment in Bangalore!!! I still can’t believe the trip actually materialized. James, Mui How and me started planning it so long ago plus with so many obstacles I am so glad it went well. This trip was a first for many things. First time traveling overseas with friends, first time staying alone in a hostel, first time being totally in charge…..
    Learnt a lot medically and non-medically and it gave me a clearer picture of what to expect in NZ. Will never forget all the fun times we had. Thank you James and Mui for making this such a memorable trip.

    Our first time alone in the auto

    Playing the credit card monopoly..

Nandi Hills

Wonderla. The largest amusement park in India.

Posing wearing scrubs outside A&E during the night shift where some 'fun' stuff happened!!!

Playing cho dai di ( dunno the spelling). Something we did whenever we could as playing cards openly in Bangalore is illegal.

Finally learnt to shuffle properly.

Mui How and me with our new shoes..

Had a stopover in Singapore as our flight was from there.
In the Clinic at Singapore

I am sure there were many more memorable events throughout the year. Hope 2009 is as eventful and wonderful as the last.


eeveehow said...

Wow. your 2008 was so awesome, so envy you.... especially the belgium trip, omg, i just feel like flying there instantly and eat all the chocolate that within my sight, haha!

Swarna said...

One day I am sure u will..One tip to get free chocolates.. just show how much u are enjoying it and lick your fingers more. It got more free strawberries with melted chocolate. Hahaha

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