For the fun of it I thought of organizing an English Tea Party for all my relatives. It somehow also became my going away party. The theme for the day was English and everyone was required to dress with the theme in mind. Everyone very enthusiastically stuck to the dress code as much as possible I would say!! Thanks. I tried to recreate the English tea menu as much as possible but definitely added in some Indian, Italian and Malaysian style food. How not to?? Hahaha. It started as a tea party and ended at supper with everyone eating, taking photos, talking, and then eating again..yups.. I was really happy with how everything turned out that day.. Going to miss all them soo much. Love you all.

The carrot cake. Love the words on top!!!!

Cup cakes from Delicious!!!

All the food...

My niece, Vrinda with a pretty English dress.

My cousin, Dharmini posing..

My nephew already posing for the camera and he is just 3.

The little piglet!!!!

Tak tentu arah!!Even my cousins pose that way!!!
Cheers to G3 for stating it.Hahaha

Thanks everyone for the superb party.


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