Yay!I finished my Psychiatry posting last week. The 6th week was one hell of a torture from trying to complete my log book to finishing the case history and yet still having to go to the hospitals. And Murphy's Law has to come in play as that week was probably my most interesting week out of the whole 6 weeks but I could not enjoy it fully as was trying to complete everything else. It wasnt all procrastination, I could have finished some of it earlier but well...The last day was just horrible..Arghhh..I am very happy having my slow heart beat as that day my heart was just pounding and pounding, rushing from Middlemore after my cat to hand in the log book to Auckland. One good thing was I did well for my CAT. Thanks to the format James gave me..One happy outcome at least.

Well the weekend and the past few days have been busy with setting up the new house. I am moving into a house in Royal Oak (about 15mins drive from where I live now) with James, Bee Ling and Kee Ping. Its a nice house mostly furished but with minor faults that is unnnoticeable on the first look. Slowly making it more homey and to suit our style. I will put up pictures when its all ready:)

ED!!!!Emergency Medicine is very interesting. I quite like it actually. Its all fast and quick. Patient comes in...Assessment done if patient is serious or not ...investigations....treatment depending on urgency....either discharge once better or refer to other specialities....
And me being a night bird, the night shift suits me fine. I went in yesterday from 4pm till 12 am and did not find a single moment where I had to find something else to do which is exactly the way I like it. :) And there are no reports to write or log books to fill in. Just small topics to cover with some background reading and observation. Hopefully this 2 weeks go smoothly and I enjoy this run. Need something like this especially after Psych.

And yup I am very free thats why found time to update the blog..Hahah.. :)


Anonymous said...

ooo i heard you're done with physc posting. I was telling amma the same thing you just blogged, ED would be a piece of cake as your good at stayin up late.. and working wee hours in the morning. hows shifting going along? 3 more weeks and you'll be back home!!!


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