This post was meant to be up weeks ago but just got caught up doing other things and did not have time to blog..(like choosing a car)
Will just keep it a short post with more pictures.
The next day after Dad arrived; we drove down to Rotorua and stayed there for 2 nights. Visited the Thermal Village one afternoon. Just had a nice relaxing time. Rotorua is a very nice place. Small quaint town..loved the row of restaurants especially at night with the lights. The lake was right in front of the hotel and the view was amazing. Next time must drive up to Taupo and also go for the hot water spa.
On our way back, stopped over at Mata-Mata to visit some family friends. Mata-Mata is the town where Lord of the Rings was filmed. We had to go for the Hobbiton tour to see The Shire. (what was left of it anyway). The place was scenic with hills and valleys. Tried imagining Gandalf and Frodo walking there.. But many of the structures have been taken apart and only few of the hobbit holes remain as the property is actually owned by a family. Interesting tour nevertheless
The rest of the stay was just filled with going out around Auckland and eating good food and of course shopping for souveniers.. I really enjoyed his stay here and will be looking forward to the coming visits that my parents are going to make.. :)

ps: Forgot to mention the package of goodies my dad brought. The main thing was the muruku, the sweet my grandfather made and the chocolates my dad brought!!!Yummy

The row of restaurants
The view of Lake Rotorua

Me in front of the lake

The Geyser at the Thermal Village

Maori Cultural Dance

At the Hobbiton Movie Set

The remaining Hobbit Holes

Lake where Bilbo's birthday party was held.

At Bibo's house..Bag End

View from inside Bilbo's house

The window where Gandalf catches Sam eavesdropping.

Can you spot me???

Bottle feeding the lambs..they were so greedy.

The cute lambie..


Donnie Walker said...

Hey, nice post here. I really like the photos you have shared in here. New Zealand is simply amazing!

Swarna said...

It is. Thanks

Sugania said...

gosh, the LOTR set looks so nice!!!! i like the 'can you spot me' picture!! hehehe the lambs are adorable as well!! the bag end n the lake photo and all really takes me back to the movie lah. well i guess we should be happy they did preseve some of the props eh? hehe

Swarna said...

Yeah I guess. At least some of it. I kinda expected more though. It was a camera trick thought by the lady. So cool rite.

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