It’s a stale post as I am finishing my Psychiatry run in 2 weeks but just had to say how much I enjoyed the whole experience. I had been attached to the Head, Neck, Breast and Endocrine team and learnt lots there thanks to the doctors in that team. Stayed on call a couple of nights till 10 plus pm but loved every bit of it. Highlights were: doing a few sutures on a patient and holding the camera for a laparoscopic appendicectomy. Can’t wait to do this run again.
Also had my first CAT presentation. It went okay I suppose but my vascular consultants are just too nice. Lots to improve for my next presentation definitely.
POGS Book(Little Green Book of Hell)- well being brillant at procrastinatingas usual , I had to burn the midnight oil finishing up the histories in the book which took longer than expected. I know I always say I have learnt my lesson but I think this time I really did. It was pure torture rushing to finish it!!!
Overall Gen Surg: 9/10 :)


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