I have been home for nearly 2 weeks now and it is time to leave!!!!As soon as I reached back it just felt like I never left at all..This time it is going to be harder to readjust in Auckland as I clearly know all the comforts at home that I will be missing. This 2 weeks have been so heavenly with everything being done for me..and the food..OMG..I miss home food sooo much!!! I decided to pack back as much food as I can to last me for the next 5 months so my bag this time is going to be filled with just curry powders and ready to eat meals..I just hope it all gets thru the customs. *fingers crossed* But this also means I have to start cooking. It is not all toegther bad I suppose but not my number one thing to do. Well when u want something bad enough you would work towards it, so Indian Food will be my motivation..:)

I don't even know what I have been doing for the past 13 days apart from eating lots... Time just flew past so fast. I just managed to meet up with all the important family and friends. It just feelt so good to see everyone again.
~my parents, dogs and relatives. God I miss them so much!!!
Thanks everyone for the short, squeezed, quick meet up sessions:
~Kajen, Dejun and David for the dinner at Seremban. We just spoke and spoke to catch up on all the gossip and dramas. Believe me we did have a lot of stories to exchange.. :)
~Lingwei for the lovely pedicure session and the quick shopping at Bangsar after.
~Aaron for the rushed meet outside Edison Chen' Shop in Bangsar..
~my Besties for the very few outings we had. I wish we could have spend more time..

This is something I have to mention.. I saw EDISON CHEN!!!!!It was all coincidental that Lingwei and I were in the right place at the right time. Kinda thanks to Aaron also I suppose..hahahah. He was down to officiate the opening of his shop here in Bangsar. We some how managed to get a good spot where we could see him and he even looked at our direction once. Lingwei and I did go a bit crazy after seeing him as he still looks good. And to think we all have actually seen more..*wink wink*

Well I am going to make the most of the next few days and satisfy all my cravings for the next 6 months. I am already thinking of my trip back home in Dec and I haven't even gone back to Auckland..Sigh!!!!!!


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